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true to scale and true color 3D models for survey and metrological application
3D Image Vector

Camera IMU for photogrammetry applications
terrestrial & UAV-OEM version available

Photogrammetric Cloud Service

UAV / UAS / Drone images
Terrestrial images
3D model, Orthophoto, Elevation model

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Example: helicopter snapshot to GeoVIEWER

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3D Image Vector

Camera IMU
Terrestrial Survey Instrument

REDcatch technologies enables you to take your pictures georeferenced. 

Process them accurate and precise in any 3D application and use them for 4D analysis.





  • 2.0 meters accuracy
  • 0.5° IMU (roll/pitch/yaw) with 9DOF (degrees of freedom)
  • 1Hz data recording
  • up to 8hours of recording
  • transport case
  • manual/instruction in PDF format

EUR 1450,-(net)


incl. BaseStation


  • 15 centimeters accuracy
  • GPS L1 RTK
  • Basestation included
  • Radiolink 433MHz (others on request)
  • 0.5° IMU (roll/pitch/yaw) with 9DOF (degrees of freedom)
  • 10Hz data recording
  • transport case & rucksack
  • manual/instruction in PDF format

EUR 6150,-(net)




Processing welcome-bundle for new 3D ImageVector customers

  • 3D Cloud-Processing (pointcloud generation) for
    • +1000 images, or
    • +5 single projects

Data must be uploaded to REDcatch’s Server. Login data will be delivered at shippment.

EUR 500,-(net)

About REDcatch

REDcatch GmbH provides you with innovative technologies in order to capture natural and manmade objects in a three dimensional way. Our research and developments focus image based 3D reconstructions. It’s our concern to make such technologies easy to use, accurate and applicable for everyday use. Our main goal is to surpass our customer’s expectations by using high quality products for survey and metrological applications.