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GNSS & IMU camera add-on

3D ImageVector

The technology is comprised of a GNSS receiver and an IMU, which are built into a camera attachment and connect via the hot shoe of your camera. This information can be used for short-range photogrammetry applications to perform direct georeferencing with centimeter accuracy. Save time and speed up your process by eliminating the need for control points (GCPs) in many applications. You can also perform image documentation of man-made and natural assets and infrastructure, while recording the exact shooting positions and directions.

GNSS upgrade for your camera

High performance GNSS

With the latest support of GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo multiband and multiconstellation receipt you get the best accuracy experience.


The device is ready to be used with RTK (RTCM) correction data to receive centimeter (cm) accuracies. In addition to this, RINEX data are stored for later GNSS postprocessing with additional base station data

IMU - roll, pitch, yaw

With a latest mems IMU (9DOF) on board, the device saves the solid angles for every image taken

gps for camera nikon olympus sony fuji

ISO camera hot shoe

Precise GNSS positioning upgrade for your camera. Easy do use and attachable on existing high professional cameras eg. Nikon, Olympus, Fuji, Sony, etc. (TM)

Watch the 3D ImageVector in Action

Select your device base on ACCURACY needed:

3D ImageVector


GPS only:                    1.5m
RTK/PPK:      2cm +1 ppm
IMU:      0.2° roll pitch yaw

price € 4.580,- net

3D ImageVector


GPS only:                    2.5m
RTK/PPK:      25cm +1 ppm
IMU:      0.2° roll pitch yaw

price € 3.290,- net

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Monthly RENTAL

Try before buy!

One month’s rent – The perfect opportunity for those who want to test the suitability of the ImageVector before buying. First try the device on our own practice projects, test the internal workflow and the interaction with your existing software, and then use it for the rest of the rental period as a daily work tool.

Project Rental

Do you have a stand-alone photogrammetry project that will only run for a sort time? Simply rent our hardware for the period of data collection and avoid making an expensive purchase that you would only use once. After the completion of your project, simply send the ImageVector back again, or if you decide you want to keep it, you can purchase it at a discount totalling 50% of the rental fee.

500 Monthly
  • 3D ImageVector -MULTI-
  • 3 hours training and support
  • free shipping in EU countries

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FAQs – Rental

Can I purchase the 3D ImageVector after rental?

You can opt to purchase the 3D ImageVector after your rental period. In this case, you will receive a discount totaling 50% of your rental fee.

How do I proceed with rental?

Once you have decided to rent an ImageVector and submitted the order form, we will contact you to agree on all the necessary details, such as scheduling, payment and support.

Who is using 3D ImageVector?

GNSS and IMU information can be used by a various of applications and processing steps. Read further to get impressions



Capture sites in 3d and do the image documentation in only one single step. Within minutes you are done with the field work and have everything to continue your work and process and finalize your work in the office.

sfm photogrammetrie photogrammetry archäologie archaeology in situ fast 3d easy
photogrammetrie in der archäologie schnitt aufnahme capture 3d sfm photogrammetry archäologie archaeology in situ fast 3d easy
photogrammetry archöologie archaeology in situ fast 3d easy

BIM / Architecture

Use the 3D ImageVector camera add-on to receive direct georeferenced images to derive accurate 3d models from photogrammetry. Capture the outside of the building in minutes and get point clouds in centimetre accuracy. Compatible to any photogrammetry software the resulting point cloud can be used in Autodesk Revit, ArchiCAD, etc.

BIM Architekt Bestandsaufnahme 3d photogrammetry building pointcloud
BIM Architekt Bestandsaufnahme 3d photogrammetry building ArchiCAD
15-038_Haus Christian Umbau - Ansicht - Ansicht SÜD Neubau_600px

Monitoring Coastal Erosion

Coastal erosion is hard to monitor as areas are often non accessible. The 3D ImageVector enalbes you to derive direct-georeferenced photogrammetric pointclouds from terrestrial images. Whether they are taken from beach or boat, you will receive accurate 3d models.

Costal erosion scan photogrammetry
costal erosion gps monitoring photogrammetry
costal erosion gps monitoring photogrammetry

City Surveying Offices

Get the most out of your images and document damages to road surfaces, inventory your road markings and edges. Derive true to scale and georeferenced 3d pointclouds, DEMs, orthophotos and meshes without using ground control points (GCPs).

crossing photogrammetry pointcloud
crossing photogrammetry orthophoto



infrastructure photogrammetry brücke vermessung

UAV Pilots for terrestrial images

Natural Hazards


Documentation / Inventory