We process your images to produce 3D data

We create precise 3D data from your images!

Request an account and upload your pictures. Whether taken by drone / UAV / UAS, terrestrial photography or a combination of methods, we create a 3D model as well as orthophotos and digital elevation models. You have the option of additionally ordering terrain models, vectorization and volume calculations.


Your 3D model and resulting outputs provide you with an easy and quick way to get true-to-scale geodata and related models. The photogrammetric results are scaled and can be used in a variety of applications including measurement surveying, visualization, 3D printing, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Infrastruktur, Photogrammetrie, Volumenberechnung Aerial photogrammetry Luftbild photogramemtrie terrestrial terrestrische UAV Helicopter Infrastruktur infrastructure vectorize pointcloud puntkewolke digitalisieren editieren REDcatch ImageVector
  • 3D point cloud
  • 3D textured mesh
  • Orthophotos / views
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
  • Volume calculations
  • Point cloud digitization / vectorization

After successful processing, you will receive the download link by email. In the event that your images cannot be processed, there is no fee! Additionally, to help you improve the quality of your projects, we give comments for each project with regard to what was done well and recommend points for improvement.


REDcatch employees continuously carry out quality control checks throughout the project and provide feedback whenever necessary.



From image upload to a complete 3D model.


image to 3d model photogrammetry Photogrammetrie Bilder zu 3D Modell Auswertung Software Online

UPLOAD your images

3d daten data vector online processing software photogrammetrie photogrammetry desktop app dense cloud point cloud pointcloud punktewolke


3d daten data vector online processing software photogrammetrie photogrammetry desktop app dense cloud point cloud pointcloud punktewolke




  • Photogrammetric survey
  • CAD Software
  • GIS Software
  • Point cloud Software
  • 3D printing
  • Visualization
  • Augumented Reality (AR)
  • Virtual Reality (VR)


Upload any of the following data


  • images (jpg, tif, raw, dng, etc)
  • Ground control point (*.txt)
  • Image centres (EXIF, *.txt)
  • RINEX PPK files from base station *.obs *.18o)
  • Processing requests and instructions
  • Layer lists for digitization




  • 3D point clouds (*.las *.laz *.xyz *.e57)
  • Elevation model (DEM) raster data (*.tif)
  • Orthophoto (*.jpg *.tif)
  • Contour lines (*.dxf *.shp)
  • Report *.pdf
  • Customised results


3D Projects

Welcome pack for new customers


The first 3D model up to 20 images is FREE!


Upload your images to our REDcatch cloud, along with additional data such as ground control points or log files.

As soon as processing is completed, you will receive a download link and a quality report via email.


Your benefits


  • Exact QUALITY CONTROL  by our experts
  • The service includes incorporation of GROUND CONTROL POINTS
  • No expert knowledge required.
  • You do not require photogrammetry software
  • No time required to process your data
  • We offer the necessary KNOW HOW
  • The service can be customised to your INDIVIDUAL REQUIREMENTS



A fast and easy-to-use service that provides you with high quality geodata!

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