3D ImageVector Mono Rental

Try before buy!

One month’s rent – The perfect opportunity for those who want to test the suitability of the ImageVector before buying. First try the device on our own practice projects, test the internal workflow and the interaction with your existing software, and then use it for the rest of the rental period as a daily work tool.

Project Rental

Do you have a stand-alone photogrammetry project that will only run for a sort time? Simply rent our hardware for the period of data collection and avoid making an expensive purchase that you would only use once. After the completion of your project, simply send the ImageVector back again, or if you decide you want to keep it, you can purchase it at a discount totalling 50% of the rental fee.

grafik REDcatch Rent 4D ImageVector Mono

Available devices


Choose the device that best suits your needs from our product range. If your application requires terrestrial images, such as facades, earthworks, shafts, rock faces, etc., select the terrestrial ImageVector. If you would like to mount the device on your drone, please rent the ImageVector UAV.

3D ImageVector Mono terrestrial Photogrammetrie
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Terrestrial 3D ImageVector

UAV PPK & IMU Version

Prices excluding VAT.

€ 500,- per month

Including the following services:
> Device rental for 1 month
> 3 hours training
> Support
> Free shipping within the EU

Other things you should know about rental – FAQs

You get the opportunity to test one of our ImageVector’s without needing a large project to justify the purchase. This is beneficial, as it is better to gain your first experience with the device on example data and small projects. This experience and familiarity with the workflow lead to better and more accurate results on your projects and gives you an understanding of the wide range of possible uses of our products.

You can opt to purchase the ImageVector after your rental period. In this case, you will receive a discount totalling 50% of your rental fee.

Once you have decided to rent an ImageVector and submitted the order form, we will contact you to agree on all the necessary details, such as scheduling, payment and support.

It is suitable for anyone interested in photogrammetry and 3D modelling/mapping. These include surveyors, engineering firms, architects, construction companies, designers, planning offices, archaeologists etc

If you have further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.