This is not typical for a website, but here we would like to recommend and support others who we think do either a great job in their business or in their life.


Das innovative Tonstudio in Tirol für Musikproduktion, Record | Mixing | Mastering, Sprachaufnahmen und das Einspielen von Instrumenten

Sport Stubai

Verleih von hochwertigen eBikes im Sommer und genialen Ski im Winter. Kompetenz gepaart mit Humor und am Ende des Einkaufs gibt’s an Schnaps. Auch Modeliebhaber finden hier das richtige für den Berg.

sport stubai verleih ski tourenski ebike

Pension Rosenhügel

Nahe am Stubaier Gletscher inmitten der Stubaier Bergwelt. Wohnen, Essen, Urlauben in Familiärer Umgebung und ein echtes kulinarisches Highlight (Chef kocht selbst)

We like the work of the following people

Lizzie Outside

With her SUP she collects plastic thrown away in oceans, rivers and lakes. She runs a “Plastik Patrol App” to monitor (=mapping content where I found her activities on google) and organizes public events for collecting plastic waste in our waters. The most remarkable about her is her live. But have a look by yourself.

Our world in Data

Max Roser – a remarkable scientist and friend – went out to show how the world is changing. No, it’s not another news blog which describes humans as the worst the world ever seen, but more it highlights unusual things that changed in a positiv way. E.g. why women live longer than man or how the life expectation increases from age 30 in the 15th century to over 80 right now.