LIDAR and Photogrammetry Processing Service​

Experience and Semi-Automatic Processes

Benefit from our experience in point cloud processing and editing. REDcatch GmbH has offered services in point cloud creation and analysis since 2014. Since then, data has been prepared and edited for many laser-scanned point clouds and several million images have been photogrammetrically processed.


This is NOT a free service or automatic Cloud processing. We offer QUALITATIVE and ENHANCED services for expert users who want to get the most out of their datasets. There are people behind processing, you can contact them and discuss future improvements and options for further data and software usage

Service Overview - REDcatch Pointcloudservice


Our expertise in photogrammetry spans projects of all sizes, including processing large numbers of images (up to 50,000 images) in a bundle block. We combine this with a guarantee of quality control. Whether you use direct georeferencing or incorporate control points or ground points into your workflow, we incorporate them into the processing to obtain the highest level of absolute accuracy. We consult with you and generate your preferred data outputs, such as 3D point cloud, orthophoto and DEM height models, and provide them in your choice of file format (las, laz, dxf, jpg, ecw, …)

LiDAR / Laserscan

In the evaluation of laser scan data we have three main focuses. These include (1) generation of orthophotos from UAV-LIDAR flights, the (2) DTM extraction from terrestrial and UAV laser scan data and (3) the meshing and data processing for further processing eg. in CAD or GIS programs.

Combine terrestrial and UAV images in a single 3D project

We process images taken by drones (Nadir and Oblique) and from the ground. Images that have been captured from aircraft are also suitable for processing to 3D models and orthomosaics.

In all of these applications, it is important to consider the recording strategy. If you have any questions about this and wish to ensure that your photos can be used to generate your desired output, please contact us or take part in one of our training sessions.

Pointcloud classification and meshing

Extract bare earth (DTM), reduce number of points, filter and mesh existing point clouds for enhanced usage in next CAD or GIS software packages.

Direct georeferencing

DJI P4RTK, M210RTK, 3D ImageVector RTK and many more. While the RTK/PPK method has many benefits, using it to obtain exact data demands a high level of know-how on part of the software operator. This is where we come in. We are happy to assist you by taking on this task.

Your benefits

  • Have your model produced without having to purchase expensive hardware or software.
  • Use our feedback to learn for future projects. We share our knowledge!
  • Save resources – Use your employees on other projects!
  • Calculable costs: Know in advance how much it will cost to produce your model.
  • Our focus is on GEO data!

Pricing Table

The price for a photogrammetric processing project is dependent on the number of photos. You can determine the fees for our service using the following table:

Price table for creating the following outputs from images:

  • 3D point cloud (2px)
  • Elevation model (DEM)
  • Orthophoto (full resolution)

Number of Images in Projects (from – to)

FromToPrice (net)
1 – 100180 €
101 – 200270 €
201 – 300330 €
301 – 400380 €
401 – 500430 €
501 – 1000620 €
1001 – 1500760 €
1501 – 2000880 €
2001 – 30001080 €
3001 – 50001400 €
5001 – 75001710 €
7501 – 100001980 €
10001 – 150002420 €
15001 – 200002790 €

Large Projects, > 20.000 images by negotiation

Additional products can be ordered:

Format Service Price
*.jpgAdditional orthoview (e.g. building)+ 5%
*.lasDTM / extract ground points+ 20%
*.pdfVolume calculation of stockpiles+ 15 %
*.dxfProduce contour lines€ 25
*.objTextured model for WEB€ 50

Please note

  • The processing time depends on the number of images. Please submit your data with sufficient time before any deadlines and ask us for a delivery time estimate if you are unsure.
  • The delivery and provision of data takes place via cloud upload at https://cloud.REDcatch.at or via external USB3 drive (€ 20.00 handling fee).
  • Choose your preferred output formats (e.g. las, laz, jpg, ecw, etc) before sending us the data. Otherwise, the default file types will be produced.
  • We cannot guarantee that all images will be aligned. If more than 5% of images cannot be aligned, we will notify you immediately.
  • Portions of the processing are automated. Final quality checks are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Prices are valid for cameras up to 42MP.
  • The terms and conditions and privacy policy (AGBs) of REDcatch GmbH apply to this service.

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