redtoolbox performs gps ppk and geotagging for dji phantom 4 p4rtk, teokit, topodrone, emlid reach, 3d imagevector app precise


GNSS Postprocessing PPK and Geotagging Software

3D ImageVector | DJI Phantom 4 RTK | M300 RTK
AUTEL EVO2RTK | TopoDrone | Teokit
Emlid Reach | ublox ZED-F9

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Since 2009, were working on surveying using direct georeferencing technique from drone images.

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What is REDtoolbox software?

The software performs a multi-constellation (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo) and multichannel (L1, L2, L5) GNSS postprocessing PPK of Base-Rover configurations. Such configurations can be found in many UAV / drone applications and terrestrial 3D ImageVector device. The corrected GNSS path accuracy is at centimeter level, depending on the device use, the current satellite constellation and receipt quality.

Triggers are extracted from the path and mapped to images. Outputted as plain Text, as image EXIF data or in native Agisoft, Pix4d and Google Earth files, these information can be used many other fields of applications., eg. in photogrammetry and documentation.

Features PPK - postprocessing

  • Automatic and highly accurate GNSS PPK path processing and Trigger Mapping
  • Compatible to own and service provider base station data. Also compressed RINEX
  • Support Processing without base station data (single solution)
  • Writes EXIF coordinates and accuracy into *.jpg
  • Outputs TXT files for maximum compatibility in any software
  • Outputs Agisoft Metashape *.psx and Pix4D Mapper *.p4d file
  • Outputs a *.shp file for use in GIS software
  • PDF Report

Watch the tutorial

p4rtk DJI phantom 4 und M210 M300 postprocessing ppk software rtklib easy free

Features RTK

Already have RTK data but discrepancies caused by geoid undulation and local projection?

  • modifies lat/lon/elev in images from your RTK drone
  • performs a X Y Z transformation (bulk shift in meters) to all RTK positions
  • re-writes this positions into EXIF again

Watch the tutorial

modify exif position rtk drone shift coordinates

Supported devices

camera SLR GPS GNSS RTK PPK IMU photogrammetry Sony canon nikon fuji

3D ImageVector

GNSS and IMU data

How to postprocess ppk obs and mrk files from phantom 4 rtk drone. Geotagging of images. Shift RTK data

DJI Phantom 4 RTK

*.MRK and *.obs file

DJI M300 P1 PPK workflow hot to Postprocess software geotag images rtklib

DJI M210 M300 RTK, P1 camera

*.MRK and *.BIN file

REDtoolbox REDcatch tutorial autel evo 2 rtk evo2rtk drone postprocessing ppk rinex image coordinates


*.mrk and *.obs file

ppk software for emlid reach base rover ubx

Emlid Reach M+, M2

*.obs or *.ubx RAW data logging

modify exif position rtk drone shift coordinates

Shift RTK EXIF coordinate

Shift coordinates of already geotagged RTK images. Transform in meters, to apply local transformation and/or geoid differences.

ublox ZED-F9P

*.ubx files

Metta mettatec PPK KIT PHANTOM4 pro


Phantom 4 PPK kit based on EMLID products

*.ubx files ppk processing

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