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3D ImageVector, DJI Phantom 4 RTK, Emlid Reach M2, ublox ZED-F9

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Webinar: GNSS PPK processing with DJI Phantom 4 RTK - Workflow, tools, hints and tips

Date: 04.11.2020

If you are interested in our REDtoolbox you don´t want to miss our upcoming webinar. This webinar is especially for drone pilots using DJI RTK drones or Emlid products, we will discuss common problems that occurs when using popular photogrammetry software and present a post processing and geotagging workflow using REDtoolbox.

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What is REDtoolbox software?

GNSS Postprocessing and GeoTagging

The software performs a multi-constellation (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo) and multichannel (L1, L2, L5) GNSS postprocessing of Base-Rover configurations. Such configurations can be found in many UAV / drone applications such as DJI Phantom 4RTK , M210 V2 RTK, EMLID products, ublox Chipsets and terrestrial 3D ImageVector device.
The corrected GNSS path has accuracies in centimeter level, depending on device hardware, satellite constellation and receipt quality.

Triggers are extracted from the pat and mapped to images. Outputted as plain Text and image EXIF data or in native Agisoft, Pix4d and Google Earth files, these information can be used many other fields of applications., eg. in photogrammetry and documentation.

REDtoolbox software

Screenshots and Tutorial Videos​

See how REDtoolbox is helping you to GNSS PPK postprocess your data and outputs accurate and ready to use projects

Supported Devices

The following devices are natively supported by REDtoolbox. However you might try other data sources too. Contact us for further questions.

Kamera Camera GPS GNSS RTK PPK 3D ImageVector GPS GLONASS L1 L2 Blitzschuh universal

REDcatch 3D ImageVector

Stores RINEX *.obs path file, Trigger Timestamps and IMU (roll, pitch, yaw) values for image taken. This device is perfect for terrestrial Photogrammetry and documentation in a wide range of application.


During the flight, all necessary data for Triggering and the flight path in RINEX data are stored on the drone. You can use this data directly within our software for GNSS Postprocessing with any Basestation Rinex data available.


You need to respect the usage of a specific gimbal, firmware and DJI Pilot App
DJI P4RTK PPK software M210 Matrice rover base

u-bloxTM ZED-F9P

Compatible to all u-blox ZED-F9P chipsets. You can use our REDtoolbox Software for Postprocessing PPK and Geotagging in one single software. Included in the software is a manual how to set up the GPS receiver (u-center software settings) to configure the chipset for PPK capabilities.

Emlid Ltd Reach Mapping Kit

Compatible to Reach M+ (L1) and M2 (L1/L2) products

Known for their famous GNSS kit, the *.obs RINEX files stored on the rover can directly be imported to REDtoolbox for GNSS Postprocessing, GeoTagging and the generation of the Photogrammetric Project output files.

emlid reach rs2 m2 m+ mapping kit ppk software rtk postprocessing
emlid reach rs m2 mapping kit ppk software rtk postprocessing

Output compatibility

GNSS path, extracted triggers, image coorindates, etc. All these information we prepare “ready to be used” in various software packages. The most outputs by our clients are:

Agisoft Metashape händerl österreich deutschland anleitung schulung
redcatch pix4d schulung deutsch training ppk rtk dji

REDtoolbox outputs native *.psx and *.p4d files, where all important information to imagecenter coorindas are already prepared. In addition to this, most software packages support EXIF / XMP reading and textfile imports.

dronedeploy ppk dji
caputuring reality training terrestrial photogrammetry deutsch support schulung rtk
pix4d ppk rtk schulung deutsch training dji tutorial terrestrial terrestrisch
ppk rtk to textfile
terrestrial photogrammetry close range terrestrische Aufnahmen GPS IMU

Downloads & free trial version

User Manual as PDF

LINK: Download the MANUAL for REDtoolbox software (PDF Format)

Read about PPK and RTK processing, handling different devices and learn about settings and other optimization possibilities

Software download

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Educational discounts

We offer a 50% discount to teachers and students using REDtoolbox for education purposes. To obtain a discount coupon, please contact us at using your verified email address from an educational institution.

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