simple RINEX data logging

High performance GNSS raw data logger for recording RINEX data.

  • User friendly
  • L1/L2/e5b GNSS data
  • autonomous up to 8 hours
  • 1/4″ tripod mount
  • USB mass storage to save to PC
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The RINEXcube is a small and powerful, easy to use device which allows you to record RINEX GNSS raw data up to 20 hours. 

Put it on a tripod and use it as base station for your PPK drone. Compatible to many drones, for example DJI (TM) RTK, Yuneec (TM) RTK, Autel (TM) RTK, EMLID (TM) devices, REDcatch 3D ImageVector and many more. To postprocess PPK your data REDtoolbox software is available.


How does it work and what is it used for? Watch the video


  • Base Station for PPK drones/devices

    Use the RINEX cube to record RINEX data during your drone flight. With an PPK capable drone, you can postprocess your image coordinates. For example using REDtoolbox software

  • PPP - Precise Point Positioning

    use long time observations to precisely determine the coordinate of the observed point.

  • Object Tracking

    Use the RINEX cube as rover to record the raw GNSS measurements of your path/track.

  • Base - Rover PPK system

    Use two of the devices to establish a Base - Rover PPK system

Technical Specifications


GNSS chip receiver

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