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Updates to REDtoolbox user manual

Over the past year, REDtoolbox has set a new standard for affordable, user friendly PPK processing and image geotagging. It’s proven especially popular with users of the DJI Phantom4RTK and is also compatible with Emlid PPK units.

We’ve released multiple updates since the middle of 2019, and we’ve now also updated the software manual to reflect the latest features and user interface. Those who have purchased a license with updates or who are interested in the software can download the latest version and the manual at:

REDtoolbox software
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REDtoolbox v2.75 released!

We have just released a new update for our REDtoolbox software (v2.70), which includes some small changes that we think will be appreciated by many. These include:

  • Enhancement of EXIF writing feature, including significantly speeding up the process.
  • Automatic import of the *.obs file when a *.MRK file is imported.
  • Improved user interface behaviour.
  • Update to postprocessing settings allowing for better fix solutions in some circumstances.
  • Compatibility with COMAPCT/Compressed RINEX base files (*.d *.crx) .
  • Antenna to sensor offset calculations for DJI Phantom 4 RTK.
  • Improved support for GLONASS and Galileo satellite networks.
  • A new output for 3Dsurvey photogrammetry software. Users of this software can now enjoy the convenience of REDtoolbox!

This latest version is now available for download on our website. Visit:

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For those who own or are interested in our UAV Upgrade Kits and 3D ImageVector, we have created a new video demonstrating how to process and work with the data in your projects.

The video showcases centimetre accurate data from the new UAV Upgrade Kit -Multi-, but the workflow is equally valid for our other hardware products.

You can watch it on our youtube page at: