RTK GNSS for your smartphone

Easy to use – Centimetre Accuracy – Compatible to Android 10+

external RTK GPS for Android smartphones

REDcatchs main field of application is Photogrammetry and 3D modelling…. but
 it’s all up to you what you make of it!
We provide you with all necessary components, from hardware, optimization kits, variouse Apps and training/support.

What is SmartphoneRTK ?

It is a Centimetre accurate external GNSS antenna device for your Android smartphone or tablet.

The technology is based on a multiband GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo receiver in combination with an local NTRIP correction data reception from your local provider. An App allows you to connect to this casters via internet and receive correction data. This data enable this GNSS chip to calculate your exact geolocation coordinates. These coordinates are automatically applied in single Apps like REDcatchs RTKcamera App or even streamed into your whole android system for any usage.

Easy to use, plug&play and compatible to many Apps, you can do surveys or geotag photos for photogrammetry usage and many more. If you choose the Survey Edition, you can do traditional surveys, measure GCPs for drone surveys or stake out known points. The Photo Edition is designed to record photos with precise coordinates (written into EXIF) to do photogrammetry and documentation tasks.

What you may need to get started

Combine the packages for your personal need. Our suggestion: Do not forget the training, as this is crucial for best usage and your daily work. As a positive effect, the ROI will be definitely higher.

Designed for Photogrammetry without GCPs, RTK geotagging of photos for documentation.
In cooperation with Ardusimple.

Smarpthone RTK

399 / net
  • RTK L1/L2/e5 GNSS add-on device
  • USB cable to connect to smartphone (USB-C)
  • Manuals and Support from Ardusimple
rtk gps survey using smartphone

A few nice gadgets to mount the smartphone on a pole, and externa 5/8″ antenna and a housing to easily switch from Photo to Survey.

+ 2in1 Extension Pack

420 / net
  • survey grade, calibrated antenna L1/L2/e5
  • tablet bracket (12cm to 21.5cm)
  • Optimized housing

Even if you havn’t bought from us, we configure your GNSS chip and provide you with a powerbank and a nice case.

+ Accessoires

84 / net
  • enhanced GNSS chip configuration
  • A nice case where everything fits
  • Power bank handle grip

Get the most out of it, in short time. A training from setting up the device, usage, photogrammetric processing and workflow enhancements.

+ Training

390 / net
  • 4 h online Training & Support
  • Data capture strategies
  • Workflow optimization
  • Photogrammetric processing

Technical Specifications



Connection to Smartphone


Wondering what you can do with Smartphone RTK?

Easily record precise coordinates and write them directly into JPG/EXIF. Used for 3D PHOTOGRAMMETRY

P21-011 MiedersSchotterVolumenHaufenwerkKubikmeter

“Traditional” Surveying with RTK rover with centimetre accuracy.
Record GCPs with Smartphone, CADASTRE or
STAKE OUT points in the field.

measure gcps with smartphone, stake out points with mobile device, traditional survey

Geotag the photo to document the plant and it’s precise location.

save location of rare plants with smartphone gps rtk exact
smartphone gps rtk geotag photogrammetry rtk exif
road surface damage documentation rtk gps gnss smartphone

Document road damages

Geotag the photo to document the plant and it’s precise location.

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Download example data set

Give it a try and see what EXIF geotags are written and process in your Photogrammetric software. This download includes whole SmartphoneRTK Photo-Edition data set.

Request Webinar recording

An introduction to use your Smartphone for centimetre accurate survey and 3d documentation

Compatible Apps

Photo App

Logo of RTKcamera App which is an NTRIP client and a photo camera in one app. Used for Photogrammetry


The only “real” NTRIP + Camera App which takes full resolution images geotagged images at incredible speed.

Manual trigger, time laps and Overlap-Tie-Shoot (beta) is possible.

Visit on Google Playstore: RTK camera – Apps on Google Play

Mock Location App

Android allow to “Mock” a Location. With this Apps you can modify the GPS location, for example by using the one from external antenna. The problem is, that “Developer Mode” has to be activated and the update rate is 1Hz only. But if you can live with this restrictions, you can use the RTK positions Android wide.

Survey and GIS mobile Apps

Various Apps are available. However, we recommend SW Maps as it is free, easy to use and great for surveying and stake out points.